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Google Ads and PPC/SEM Account Management

Professionally managed digital ad campaigns

As a third-party provider, we manage Google Ads (formerly AdWords)  and social media ad campaigns for clients of a variety of sizes. We’re professional SEM Marketing and Social Media Marketers who take pride in our customer service.

Our dedicated staff can help manage your Google ad accounts and campaigns so you can focus on other areas of your business. Our team can help optimize and monitor keywords, negative keywords, bids, and location or audience targeting. We can also deliver monthly reports on your campaign performance.

We can help manage your organization’s pay-per-click strategy and accounts or we can help you set up a new account with Google. The team at Red Ear will work with you to understand your goals, your target audience, and your budget. We provide hands-on expertise to help maximize your return on investment in digital advertising channels.

No long-term contracts

As a third-party manager of your Google Ads account, we do not force lengthy service contracts to engage our services.

If you choose to end a service agreement with Red Ear Media, you will retain full ownership and access to your Google Ads accounts.

Available services include:

Web Design Experts

How does Google Ads (formerly AdWords) campaign management work?

If you already run Google Ads in-house, then you likely pay Google directly for your advertising costs and make account choices yourself.

With Red Ear Media’s managed digital ad campaigns, our team will request access to your Google Ads account and monitor, administer, and update your Google Ads campaigns in an ongoing manner.

We bill you separately for the work we do in your account. Your billing profile and billing relationship for ad charges remain with Google. We are not resellers nor are we directly affiliated with Google; we’re a third-party marketing company with experience running successful Google Ads campaigns.

Google owns the largest (two) internet search engines in the world with both the Google Search and YouTube platforms. The basics of advertising on these platforms are relatively easy to grasp, but there are many moving parts and a Red Ear’s dedicated pay-per-click team can allow you to focus on other areas of your business. The team managing our clients’ Google Ads campaigns spend their workdays helping to manage all aspects of digital ad campaigns.

Beyond choosing keywords, keyword types, and budget, our campaign management team can help:

  • track leads and conversions by measuring website actions
  • find potential opportunities to improve your Google Ads account Quality Score
  • periodically add negative keywords to help prevent ads from showing in irrelevant searches
  • split-test (A/B test) ad copy to find the most effective language

Well-managed and optimized Google Ads campaigns can be an effective lead generator for many types of businesses. Inquire today to see if your business can benefit from Red Ear’s digital advertising experience.

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